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Welcome!‚Äč                                                                            Chronic pain hurts. It affects our body, our mind, our spirit. When you hurt, you limit your activities and stop doing the things you love. Let's change the way your body feels about pain so you can feel better in your body. Massage can help.                                                             Stress makes it hard to focus, hard to sleep, hard to take care of one's self. Stop the cycle. Massage can help.                                                   

Rose will help you feel better in your body with personalized, client-centered therapy that nurtures both body and mind. We combine knowledge and experience and work together to bring relief from musculoskeletal issues such as chronic pain, postural disorders, injury, overuse, and stress.                                                                                      Massage therapy helps calm the mind, helping manage depression, anxiety, sleeplessness and stress. The results can help you sleep better, reduce pain levels, move more freely, and keep you enjoying the activities you love.          No bull, just great bodywork.


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